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College of European & American Studies

Class Presentation--Theory vs Practice
Studuents Discussion--Dialogue & Debate
Homework Assignment--Information Searching
Project Development--PPT and Webvideo

Introduction Video


Website Video Project: should go through five stages



project exploration (subject searching)



project design (topic analysis)



project prototype (Introduction Video by group)



project development ( Individual Power Point Presentation)



project evaluation (summary video contest) and output delivery (project presentation)


Total class hours


Purpose of project: Student projects should demonstrate their understanding of those subjects discussed by the mainstream media and in class. Subject searching will help students grasp the hot issues on current domestic and international situation, and the global affairs.







Student New Projects

How do we get started with this course?

For News Reading class, the purpose is to read first-hand news from various media including news from China Daily newspaper and publications on some official websites

As our final goal of this course, after a period of studying, students would be able to analyze issues discussed in the media and be able to write sample news reports and short newspaper level comments. To accomplish our goal, students will be given sufficient introduction on major world organizations, accurate information on International affairs and general analysis on current national and international situations.

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Through subject searching, students will attain skills of critical thinking by brain storm. Topic analysis, will not only demonstrate students understanding of the subjects discussed in class; but will further examine their background knowledge of those relative subjects and illuminate the significant roles of International organizations.

Project prototype is to learn, to grow and to know more. By the usage of multimedia mechanism, students can apply theory into practice to put their understanding in perspectives.

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Over the course of Newspaper Reading, students review news reports from China Daily in the front page and world affairs as well as business events as guidance to organize discussion in class activity. And through this course study, students are expected to understand and analyze news reports, articles and comments from recent issues of China Daily and from valid official websites on Internet

About Us: the course of News Reading is intended for our college students in English major to get a glimpse of current news from various domestic and international media.

Homework Assignment to Find World Organizations

World and National Forums

Project evaluation is to let students work with their peers, to promote students’ ability in self-management and self-control. It will help students formulate the spirit of team work.

Individual Power Point Presentation will further enhance students’ ability to freely express their ideas in English, to utilize their knowledge accumulated from News Reading, to present new ideas, sharp insight and to scrutinize those subjects and topics discussed by mainstream media and in class. Articles adopted from China Daily newspaper.