Linux Review

Chapter One Using Basic Linux Utilities
1.1 Making a Test File
1.2 wc------ Counting the Elements of a File
1.3 sort------ Ordering the Lines of a File
1.4 uniq------ Identifying and Removing Duplicate Lines
1.5 comm------Comparing the Contents of Two Files
1.6 diff ------ Examining Differences Between Files
1.7 tr -------- Translating Characters into Other Characters
1.8 cat-------- Merging Files
1.9 grep------searching files
1.10 cut ------ Selecting Portions of a File
1.11 Paginating Long Files
1.12 paste ------ Putting Lines Together
1.13 join ------ Combining Selected Lines
1.14 sed ------ Editing from the Command Line
1.15 awk ------ Manipulating Data
1.16 Sending Output to a File and to Another Utility
1.17 Creating Scripts Using Utilities
1.18 Determining the Number of Unique Words in a File


Chapter Two Creating and Changing Linux Directores
2.1 Employing Directories to Create Order
2.2 Specifying Pathnames
2.3 Specifying Paths with Directory
2.4 Accessing Files in Remote Directories
2.5 Managing Files from More Than One Directory
2.6 Moving Directories and Their Contents
2.7 Removing Directories and Files
2.8 Locating Files with find
2.9  Copying Files into Other Directories Using Paths
2.10  Using Pathnames to Change Directories
2.11  Creating a Subdirectory Using a Pathname
2.12  Moving and Copying Multiple Files to Subdirectories
2.13  Moving Files into a Parent Directory
2.14  Examining the Full Path to Directories

Chapter Three Specifying Instructions to the Shell
3.1 Interacting with the Shell to Execute a Utility
3.2 Redirecting Output and Error
3.3 Using Shell Characters to Specify Filenames
3.4 Storing and Retrieving Information Using Shell Variables
3.5 Interpreting Special Characters
3.6 Executing Commands in Scripts
3.7 Employing Shell Variables to Customize Interaction


Chapter Four Setting File and Directory Permissions
4.1 Modifying Read and Write File Permissions
4.2 Using Execute Permissions
4.3 Examining the Long Listing for Files
4.4 Changing File Permissions Numerically
4.5 Changing Directory Permissions
4.6 Changing Permissions for Files in All Subdirectories
4.7 Identifying 0ther Permissions
4.8 Setting Permissions When Files Are Created
4.9 Inheriting Permissions When Files Are Copied